Bartender Mixology

Learn to become a professional bartender and learn the art of mixology with the Rserving's Bartender Mixology course.

The Bartender Mixology course will teach you everything you need to know to be a professional bartender including drink recipes, cream drinks, garnish & mixers, 2 liquor drinks, martinis, highball & Juice drinks, exotic drinks, wine drinks, hot drinks, shooters, customer service, and much more!

Our interactive, online format will help you learn and retain the material. With iBar program, you can practice their drinks in a virtual bar setting.

For hands-on experience, you can buy a kit from www.baremulator.com. The equipment can be used to practice at home, and it can be used to make money at private parties, such as wedding dances, business parties, or Holiday parties. The equipment can also be used at home, in your home bar.

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